Power Moves

Power Moves Development is a company that aims to embody the spirit of thinking big and taking action. We started as a group of childhood friends. We were brought back together by the mutual feeling that we were meant accomplish great things. The name of our company comes from a simple belief. The idea that to create the reality you want, you must be bold and take action when everyone else is either too scared or doesn’t believe. We are not just another tech company. We are a problem solving company. We tackle the problems that interest us whatever they maybe with whatever means are appropriate. We aim high because we understand that with undying passion, and unbreakable spirit, Power Moves change the world.

Power Moves Twin Cities

We are students of the game. We understand how important it is to learn from others. So we started this web series in which we interview entrepreneurs in our city to reveal the lessons and the power moves that made them and their companies what they are today.

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Africa Rising

Africa is poised to make leaps and bounds as a continent in the coming years. We intend to lead the revolution. From agriculture automation to connecting the continent via internet, we have big plans for the cradle of civilization.

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Artificial Intelligence

The machines are coming… In fact they are already among us. It is clear to us that artificial intelligence is going to change the name of the game for all of us. We intend to keep it on our side.

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